April, 2007

Dan Colen

“Secrets and Cymbals, Smoke and Scissors (My Friend Dash’s Wall in the Future)” is work by conceptual artist Dan Colen that is a life-size recreation of the interior wall of a friend. In Colen’s version, each element attached to the wall — every sticker, newspaper, photo and hand-written note — has been illusionistically painted by the artist. Colen extends this process of painting into other[…..]

Jim Gaylord

The paintings of artist Jim Gaylord push the boundaries of identified space and the ambiguity of object relation. Referencing elements of traditional surrealism, Gaylord updates his method of creation by distilling information from film stills. Using several layers of transparent film, the artist is able to render specific elements in the found image that reduces the still down to spatial planes, shadows and general landscape[…..]

William Hundley

The enigmatic photographs of William Hundley spring to life with dynamic movement and weightlessness. These photos that appear to be digitally manipulated are actually carefully staged by the photographer using simple fabric covers and models. Hundley wraps each figure in fabric and then instructs the model to leap into the air, which causes the mass to appear floating, effortlessly. The images call into question issues[…..]

Wang Guangyi

Creating work in the category of Chinese contemporary art termed “Political Pop,” artist Wang Guangyi’s paintings at once reference propaganda images from the Cultural Revolution and imagery of contemporary popular culture. The vast amount of social images brought forth through the Maoist Regime is synthesized through these works to offer a critique of the Cultural Revolution historically and ideologically. This critique is furthered by the[…..]

Elliott Hundley

Using a variety of materials, the eclectic sculptures of artist Elliott Hundley bring painterly qualities into three dimensions. The artist employs many different elements into his collaged sculptures, including magazines, found objects and family photos, along with pieces of fabric and thread all held together with pins and twist ties. His seemingly formal considerations dissipate as the viewer becomes closer to the work, revealing layers[…..]

Mark Fairnington

Mark Fairnington paints images that attempt to classify the natural world. His work focuses primarily on the human need to categorize and group everything in our surroundings, addressing both the need to record as well as the need to collect. Many of his images depict animals, especially birds and insects, prepared for documentation and dissection. The paintings reference still-life images of the 16th and 17th[…..]

Duncan Ganley

Investigating the nature of truth as told through the photographic lens, artist Duncan Ganley documents experience though a fictional language. The artist is currently exhibiting “midnight, mid-Atlantic,” a body of work that was produced during an artist in residence in Iceland, on view now at the Inman Gallery in Houston. Ganley has assumed the role of a researcher, developing a documentary, though completely fictional, about[…..]