Mark Fairnington


Mark Fairnington paints images that attempt to classify the natural world. His work focuses primarily on the human need to categorize and group everything in our surroundings, addressing both the need to record as well as the need to collect. Many of his images depict animals, especially birds and insects, prepared for documentation and dissection. The paintings reference still-life images of the 16th and 17th centuries, both through narrative and historical evaluations. These expanded interpretations of the still-life are further defined by Fairnington’s ability to achieve true-to-life renderings of animals with traditional painting techniques, while also commenting on the methods of classification. Fairnington graduated from Goldsmiths College of Art and exhibits his work with Fred-London. Other recent exhibitions include works with Galerie Peter Zimmermann in Frankfurt (2005), the Volta Show (2003) and Ace Gallery in Los Angeles (2000). The artist also has an exhibition planned with the Robert Miller Gallery in New York (2007).