Lynne Cohen


The photography of Lynne Cohen documents large empty spaces that imply human presence through objects and environments rather than from physical being. Spaces such as classrooms, work places, spas, laboratories and libraries are often used in Cohen’s found sets, each room isolated and full of psychological and narrative possibilities. The photographs identify institutionalized spaces that are saturated with information about the humans who have occupied them. Recent exhibitions for the artist include “Mixed Messages” at Hasted Hunt Gallery in New York, and Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf in Frankfurt, Germany. Cohen has completed artist residences with Light Work at Syracuse University (1995), the Academie Sint Joost in Breda, Netherlands (1999, 2000), and the Hoger Instituut voor Schone in Kunst (HISK), Antwerp (2000, 2001). In 2002, the artist was featured in ArtForum for her exhibition with the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa.