Katharina Grosse

Katharina -Grosse-4-5-07.jpg

Dusseldorf-based artist Katharina Grosse creates dominatingly formalist paintings on a range of surfaces, such as aluminum, paper, canvas and existing architectural structures. Grosse’s works are energetic and are not bound to a particular space but travel from walls to floors to ceilings, referencing elements of Abstract Expressionism and Colour Field painting. Often, piles of rumble on the gallery floor will be saturated with color, continuing the painting to a three-dimensional space. All of the artist’s paintings are site-specific and are rendered with sprayed paint. She will frequently block areas of the surface while painting to underscore negative space and further dictate form. Grosse’s recent exhibitions include installations at the De Appel in Amsterdam and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The artist has also exhibited with White Cube in London and Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In 2000, Grosse was chosen for the distinguished Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Award for young artists.