April, 2007

Chris Ballantyne

Chris Ballantyne‘s paintings, drawings and sculptural installations are an examination of suburban space. Ballantyne’s inspiration is drawn from the universalities of his different neighborhood homes. Ideas of land boundaries, manipulated space and economic design are developed out of observations from a variety of urban and rural settings. Ballantyne’s works are focused on architecture and landscape design and often explore complex relationships between individuals and their[…..]

Tanyth Berkeley

In a recent exhibition with the Bellwether Gallery, photographer Tanyth Berkeley presented three major bodies of work — “The Fugitive,” “The Muse” and “The Frequency” — all capturing intimate images of individuals. As with previous series, the artist examines aspects of trangendered women, albinos, street performers and anonymous people. Berkeley’s images are taken in both a snapshot and staged format, and, although the artist captures[…..]

Aaron Spangler

New York-based sculptor Aaron Spangler creates dark Romanesque-styled wood relief sculptures that marry two and three dimensional qualities. Each work is carved in maple and then painted with black gesso that is covered in powdered graphite. The artist often portrays rural and suburban landscapes of the American Midwest, some of which contain the images of this own home in Minnesota. Juxtaposed within these would be[…..]

Francis Upritchard

Artist Francis Upritchard’s work titled “Save Yourself” seems to be a constructed reference to b-grade movies, in which the artist has unearthed an ancient tomb below the gallery that contains a mummified figure. However scary this scenario would seem, the mummy is constructed with rags and a glass eye and vibrates, powered by an electric cord visible on the floor. Upritchard derives many of her[…..]

David Jon Kassan

Brooklyn-based realist painter David Jon Kassan creates work grounded in a formalist style that captures elements of the figure and multi-layered, textured surfaces. While his subject matter varies, the artist primarily follows the philosophies of the Ashcan School of American Realists. Kassan often mixes the attention of the figure with the surrounding surfaces to create works that simultaneously reference Abstract Expressionism and traditional portraiture. The[…..]

Robert Wilson

Currently on view at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles is “VOOM Portraits” by artist Robert Wilson (Feb. 24-April 30). Wilson creates work that is rooted in theater and, as of recently, has been displayed through video on plasma screen televisions. Wilson has captured the images of many famous actors such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and William L. Pope, who is in the image above.[…..]

Pierre Bismuth

Currently on view at the Mary Boone Gallery in both the Fifth Avenue and Chelsea locations as well as with Team Gallery in New York are works by premiere French conceptual artist Pierre Bismuth titled “One Size Fits All.” The artist is known for his deconstruction of cultural products and reconstitution of material in which his subjects undergo to reveal the structures of mass media[…..]