Yang Fudong


The videos and photographs of Chinese artist Yang Fudong reflect the human condition in a state of existential uncertainty. The individuals represented in the works are young and disillusioned and seem to struggle with political, social and moral values, while coping with China’s growth as an economic state. Fudong also references specific film genres as the characters attempt to carry out a narrative through multiple perspectives and experiences. Fudong was born in 1971 in Beijing, China, and studied painting at the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. This year, the artist will exhibit “No Snow in the Broken Bridge” with Shanghart Gallery in Shanghai, opening March 24, and will be featured in the 52nd Annual Venice Biennale. Fudong has exhibited with countless international galleries and museums, such as the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin, Ireland (2004), Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (2005) and Parasol Unit in London (2006). View video from one of Fudong’s installations.