Shen Shaomin


Chinese artist Shen Shaomin creates new hybrid creatures by reconfiguring and combining the bones of several different animals. Using real bone, the artist is able to produce natural history museum-quality exhibitions that are as interesting scientifically as they are artistically. Each piece represents fables, folklore and mythology, while simultaneously referencing contemporary issues of genetic modification and hyper experimentation in science. His creatures in death reveal ideas and possibilities for the future. Shaomin was born in Heilongjiang Province, China and currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia, and Beijing, China. Recent exhibitions include “Scary Monsters” at the Osage Contemporary Art Space in Hong Kong, China (2006), and “The Organisms of Factory” at the Urs Meile Gallery in Luzern, Switzerland (2005). Last year, the artist was included in the Liverpool Biennial and in two separate exhibitions at the Guangdong Museum in Guangzhou, China.