Sebastiaan Bremer


New York-based Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer creates a variety of manipulated photos that are produced by drawing directly onto a photograph with photo retouching inks. Bremer uses personal photos of friends and family and employs a dense application of pointillism across the surface of the photo to create surreal scenes with reduced information. These images suggest dreams or memories and the associations of personal relationships. Last year, the artist exhibited “The Past in the Present,” curated by Frank van der Stok, at the Fotomuseum Rotterdam and at Roebling Hall in Chelsea, New York. Bremer received a scholarship from the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine and has been a recipient of the Basisbeurs S.F.B.K in Amsterdam three times. Bremer has also had solo exhibitions with the Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo and Galerie Barbara Thumm in Berlin.