March, 2007

Michael Joo

The sculptures of Korean artist Michael Joo focus on the process of energy transfer between visible organisms and invisible calories and energy sources. Also of interest to the artist is how the body expends calories as it copes with the mental strain of dealing with social and historical identity. Joo created an installation of modeled cast resin dogs titled “Separation Anxiety” that depict the animal[…..]

Ian Dawson

British artist Ian Dawson produces large-scale sculptures out of a variety of materials. The artist has used colorful industrial plastic containers that are modeled into exotic forms through heat manipulation in several new works. Through this process, the object is stripped of its original use and begins to exist in a position between painting and sculpture. Other projects include large sheets of screen-printed paper that[…..]

Demetrius Oliver

Demetrius Oliver uses his body to explore social issues of race, history and culture. Large digital c-prints depict a variety of simple, yet compelling, images of the artist interacting with loaded objects and materials such as coal and white cream. The artist also draws pictures on his own body, such as railroad tracks across his hands and small ships on his finger nails, as well[…..]

Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo creates sculptures and installations that re-contextualize everyday domestic items as she alters their physical properties. Often rooted in historical events, Salcedo’s works ambitiously alter the existing space, transforming the mundane into the magnificent. The artist is a member of a new generation of young South American artists who are gaining international recognition while remaining in their home countries. Salcedo was born in Bogota,[…..]

Allora and Calzadilla

In a recent exhibition at The Moore Space in Miami, artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla created a room-sized architectural sculpture titled “Clamor.” The large, white structure is ambiguously designed and references chamber, bunker or space-cave architecture. During a performance in the gallery, a group of musicians played various elements of war songs from multiple geographic locations and historical periods simultaneously out of the structure.[…..]

Nari Ward

Artist Nari Ward creates large sculptural installations that are composed of found object materials that celebrate a variety of concepts such as site histories, community stories and temporary architecture. For the Whitney Biennial in 2006, the artist created “Glory,” a large tanning bed made from oil barrels that are designed to imprint the American flag onto the skin. Other works include a large wall stacked[…..]