March, 2007

Nedko Solakov

In a piece titled “Art & Life (In My Part of the World),” Nedko Solakov created a piece in a vacant and dilapidated apartment to illustrate a narrative about the distraught life of a piece of art. She, the work of art, felt neglected in this house and thus moved itself into the most well-lit room and on top of several tables. The entire apartment[…..]

Yang Fudong

The videos and photographs of Chinese artist Yang Fudong reflect the human condition in a state of existential uncertainty. The individuals represented in the works are young and disillusioned and seem to struggle with political, social and moral values, while coping with China’s growth as an economic state. Fudong also references specific film genres as the characters attempt to carry out a narrative through multiple[…..]

Jon Pylypchuk

The sculptures and installations of Jon Pylypchuk are constructed with a variety of craft-based materials such as scrap fabric, felt, glue, glitter and fur. The characters that inhabit Pylypchuk’s installations reference the dark side of social psychology as each character interacts without consequence or emotion. In the scene above, the rodent-like creatures spread across the gallery floor in their last moments before they die of[…..]

Michael J. Schumacher

Composer Michael J. Schumacher creates electronic sound installations that use multiple speakers to emit sound frequencies. The artist composes for computer-manipulated sound structures and live improvised music. These works are often exhibited in empty galleries or will take place as a live performance. Schumacher was born in Washington, D.C., and studied music at Indiana University and the Juilliard School of Music. The artist has worked[…..]

Christopher Wool

The paintings of New York-based Christopher Wool are often reductive by nature and contain a minimal color palette. Wool is best known for his stenciled paintings with large black lettering on a white ground with text that has been drawn from a variety of pop culture sources, including hip-hop lyrics and movie lines. The artist also employs a multitude of painterly techniques in numerous other[…..]

Sebastiaan Bremer

New York-based Dutch artist Sebastiaan Bremer creates a variety of manipulated photos that are produced by drawing directly onto a photograph with photo retouching inks. Bremer uses personal photos of friends and family and employs a dense application of pointillism across the surface of the photo to create surreal scenes with reduced information. These images suggest dreams or memories and the associations of personal relationships.[…..]

Katrin Sigurdardottir

Icelandic artist Katrin Sigurdardottir‘s work creates imaginary spaces within another space. Sigurdardottir deals with scale to create a relationship between the work and the viewer. She uses architectural structures to bring together nature and design, allowing the viewer to participate with the work. Her most recent exhibition, open now with P.S.1 in New York, depicts an artificial landscape where the viewer must climb a ladder[…..]