Nedko Solakov

In a piece titled “Art & Life (In My Part of the World),” Nedko Solakov created a piece in a vacant and dilapidated apartment to illustrate a narrative about the distraught life of a piece of art. She, the work of art, felt neglected in this house and thus moved itself into the most well-lit room and on top of several tables. The entire apartment contains text that lets the viewer in on contextual clues that inform of past events. Solakov was born in Bulgaria in 1957 and studied at Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp. While able to take on multiple media, the artist’s work is always centered on a conceptual humor and often stems directly from text. In 2005, Solakov participated in a group show titled “OK:Okay” at the Grey Art Gallery, where the artist used works of de Kooning and Warhol from the Gallery’s collection to create the fictitious hut of an African native who collects Western art. Solakov has received funding from numerous foundations, including the International Studio Program in Sweden (IASPIS), KulturKontakt and the Philip Morris Foundation. Last year, he exhibited with Galerie Arndt & Partner in Berlin and the Museum of Contemporary Art / MNAC in Bucharest.