Matthew Ritchie


Matthew Ritchie is an artist with an interest in the totality of our universe. Information, the structures of knowledge and belief and the human ability to comprehend the world around us are a perpetual theme in Ritchie’s paintings, sculptures, animations, Web sites, drawings and installations. The artist creates these elaborate worlds by scanning drawings into a computer to manipulate, fragment and reform different elements before projecting and redrawing the image onto a final surface. Ritchie has also created expansive Web sites such as “The Hard Way,” where users are prompted to answer a series of questions that lead into a variety of directions, each revealing unique fragments of information. Ritchie is a graduate of Camberwell School of Art in London and lives in New York. The artist has exhibited worldwide, including recent shows with Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York City, The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia and Atle Gerhardsen in Berlin, Germany. Ritchie was featured on the PBS artist interview series Art:21 and was reviewed this year in Art in America.