Kerry Skarbakka


With an interest in the human relationship to water, photographer Kerry Skarbakka stages a variety of water-related scenes, including floods and droughts. Skarbakka describes human interaction with water through extreme situations that underscore the substance’s fundamental importance and power. These photos mimic actual documentation, though they are all fully constructed and staged in areas such as swamps, sewers, bathrooms and oceans. The artist received his MFA from Columbia College in Chicago and a degree in studio arts from the University of Washington School of Art. Skarbakka has completed artist residencies with The Contemporary Museum in Hawaii and the Light Work Artist in Residence Program in Syracuse, New York, and, in 2005, he received an award from the Creative Capital Foundation. This year, the artist will exhibit “Fluid” at Gallery 51 in Antwerp, Belgium; the same series of photos was exhibited with the Lawrimore Project in Seattle in 2006.