Christoph Buchel


Swiss artist Christoph Buchel creates complex hyper-real environments that often demand a physical commitment from the viewer. Buchel’s 2005 installation “Hole” exhibited at the Kunsthalle Basel forced viewers through several small rooms, narrow passageways and disturbing images of a suicide on tape. Each room is found in elaborate detail as if the viewer stumbled onto a forgotten place. Buchel also creates conceptual works that have political undertones and are rooted in social and legal interest. Buchel, along with artist Gianni Motti, attempted to lease the site of Guantanamo Bay from the Cuban government, and in a separate piece offered an entire exhibition budget to any visitor who could find the hidden check in the gallery space. The artist studied at Cooper Union School of Art in New York (1990) and at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf (1992-97). In 2001, Buchel was awarded a scholarship at PS1 New York, and, in 2005, he exhibited in the Venice Biennale. Last week, Buchel closed an exhibition titled “Simply Botiful” at Hauser & Wirth Gallery in London, and, this year, he will exhibit with Palais de Tokio in Paris and with MASS MoCA in Massachusetts. View video of Buchel’s exhibition “Hole” at the Kunsthalle Basel here.