Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach-2-22-07.jpg

The possibilities and pitfalls of language are of constant interest to artist Tauba Auerbach. Her text-based drawings and paintings investigate the origin of language as a system for information and the relationship between meaning and symbol. The question of how a symbol is chosen and what it reveals about the human brain is also of interest. The works are presented as technically rendered typography, singularly familiar, while collectively abstracted. Her new work addresses the technological language of binary code and its inherent limitations. Auerbach is a Bay Area artist who attended Stanford University. She had a solo New York premiere at the Deitch Projects in New York City this fall and was included in The Dreamland Artist Club exhibition in 2005, organized by Creative Time and Steve Powers. The artist was reviewed in Art in America in 2005 and was reviewed in The New York Times in 2006.