February, 2007

Tim Hawkinson

Los Angeles artist Tim Hawkinson has been called one of America’s most singular and inventive sculptors today. He is renowned for creating both monumental and microscopic works made of complex kinetic and sound producing elements, which are operated through low-tech programmed systems. Hawkinson’s work is seemingly scientific, and the necessities of his inventions often lead to new tools, widely imaginative approaches and diverse mediums. Hawkinson[…..]

Raqib Shaw

Raqib Shaw is a London-based Kashmiri artist whose work is influenced by decorative objects of the East. The artist uses Japanese screens, Asian textiles and antique carpets, along with paint, to create a rich and layered surface where an erotic world of hybrid creatures inhabits an underwater enviornment. Shaw incorporates a catalogue of flora and fauna into each piece, mixing aquatic with animal and human[…..]

Ellen Altfest

Ellen Altfest is a hyper-realist painter whose work contains an illusionistic material quality. Each painting is created from still-life observation, focusing on the individual object’s inherent complexities. Altfest’s painted objects blend into their surroundings. Engulfed by the environment, these paintings focus on the physicality and the patterns found in images of nature. The artist received an MFA from Yale University School of Art and attended[…..]

Terence Koh

Artist Terence Koh works in a variety of media, including performance, sculpture, books, zines, Web sites and photography. Throughout the artist’s career, references to punk culture, homosexuality and adolescence have been offered through a very personal vocabulary. The artist often focuses on ephemeral materials, employing tactile and sensuous qualities to many appropriated images and objects. For the sculpture called “These Decades that We never Sleep,[…..]