February, 2007

Melanie Pullen

Los Angeles-based photographer Melanie Pullen has created a series of more than 100 photographs that describe crime scenes prior to the mid-1950s. Pullen is a self-taught artist who has come from a family of photojournalists, publishers and artists. She began the series after viewing Luc Sante’s 1992 book “Evidence” (1914-1919), which depicts crime-scene photos from the NYPD. From that point, Pullen began extensive research in[…..]

Kendell Geers

Last fall, artist Kendell Geers exhibited new works with the Stephan Friedman Gallery in London. Geers is known for exhibiting works that disrupt and confront the viewer’s commonly held values, morals and principles. The artist works through a variety of media, including painting, ready-mades, neon sculpture and video, most of which contain some element of text. Geers often uses objects with loaded content such as[…..]

Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden creates surrealist-inspired paintings of corrupted children in provocative relationships. Each image is delicately handled with painstaking technique, referencing a culture of destruction through elements of classical painting. The color is masterfully rendered in pale pastels, with a playful child-like quality, while the imagery demonstrates harsh and graphic events and addresses issues of pop culture. In recent years, Ryden has shown with the Earl[…..]

Ernesto Neto

One of Brazil’s most famous artists, Ernesto Neto creates room-sized environments for the viewer to navigate through and interact with. By using light, stretchable fabrics and organic shapes, filled occasionally with scented spices, Neto’s work allows the viewer to experience the work through all senses, creating a spatial labyrinth for the journey through the passages in the room. Currently, Neto is collaborating with Merce Cunnigham[…..]

Los Carpinteros

Havana-based artist collective Los Carpinteros creates work that investigates the intersection of art and society and often takes the form of architecture, design, sculpture and drawing. Los Carpinteros consisted of artists Marco Castillo, Dagoberto Rodriguez and, until 2003, Alexandre Arrechea. The group first adopted the name Los Carpinteros (“The Carpenters”) in 1991, choosing the collective name as a way of abandoning an individual artist persona[…..]

Leopold Rabus

The fantastical worlds of Swiss artist Leopold Rabus are loaded with cliches and symbols, as his satirical characters engage in a variety of dualities. Rabus’ characters investigate morals, ethics, religion and sexuality through absurd and ambiguous narratives. The surrealistic imagery is rooted in Christian iconography and art history and is explored through a variety of media, including wax, real hair and miscellaneous particles. Rabus attended[…..]

Deborah Oropallo

San Francisco new media artist Deborah Oropallo continues to surprise the art world by reinventing her work with consistent quality. Oropallo allows her images to evolve with the change in technology, and her mediums range from oil on canvas, to digital photos and permanent pigment prints. Most of her work focuses on mundane objects, but Oropallo transforms them into elegant images through formal concerns like[…..]