February, 2007

Janaina Tschape

German artist Janaina Tschape produces video, sculpture, photography and drawings as she works through fragmented narratives that exist somewhere between reality and fiction. Ideas of the female body are explored through wearable sculptures, fabricated to mimic fleshy organic bio-morphic material. The photographs and videos take place in luscious botanical settings that aid to the dreamlike quality of each character. The artist was born in Munich[…..]

Erick Swenson

The sculptures of Texan artist Erick Swenson often feature the vulnerability of animals in both nature and in the man-made world. Swenson skillfully creates these installations by casting each element in a polyurethane resin and then meticulously painting them. These surreal works are the result of the artist’s obsession with dioramas, stage sets, taxidermy and prosthetics. His sculptural tableaux have the ability to include the[…..]

Inka Essenhigh

After graduating from the School of the Visual Arts in New York (1993), Inka Essenhigh received unbelievable recognition for her graphically executed paintings. Heralded as a rising star of painting, Essenhigh pervaded as one of the most popular young artists, working with galleries such as Mary Boone Gallery (2000) and the Deitch Projects (1999). The glossy, well-designed colors and undulating figures in her early work[…..]

Michael Wetzel

Artist Michael Wetzel will open an exhibition Saturday evening with John Connelly Presents in New York City. The artist has departed from his previous works, which focused on icons of the American class system through images of bourgeois interiors and fabric patterns used by Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan, for a new series of landscapes. The concept continues, however, as Wetzel creates a metaphor for[…..]


Creator of the Space Monkey, artist Dalek has made a name for himself in both the street art and gallery worlds for his unique style and character invention. Little information is given about these graphic creatures that greet us with one eye open and mouths agape. The characters are expressed with black humor, often engaging in mischief, while occupying a flat abstracted ground composed on[…..]

Manfredi Beninati

This Saturday, James Cohan Gallery in New York City will present “Flavio and Palermo” by Sicilian artist Manfredi Beninati. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s brother Flavio and will contain paintings, sculpture and installation. Beninati creates work that investigates nostalgia and memory through popular fairy tales and a collective unconscious imagination. The artist began his career as a professor of law at Palermo University,[…..]

Liset Castillo

Cuban artist Liset Castillo photographs small intricate sculptural landscapes that imitate large architectural environments. Each image mimics suburban terrains in desolate conditions. Her photos are illusionistic in scale, allowing each model to become a full size, dramatic landscape that is seemingly vast and all encompassing. Castillo finished her education with de Ateliers in Amsterdam, and, since then, she has had exhibitions with the Black and[…..]