Michael Wetzel


Artist Michael Wetzel will open an exhibition Saturday evening with John Connelly Presents in New York City. The artist has departed from his previous works, which focused on icons of the American class system through images of bourgeois interiors and fabric patterns used by Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan, for a new series of landscapes. The concept continues, however, as Wetzel creates a metaphor for the conquest and commodification of foreign and exotic lands. Paintings of Mount Vesuvius and the burning of Rome are included as a reference for the imperialism of the Roman Empire and the eventual colonization and imperialism of the area by Great Britain. Last year, the artist exhibited with Galleri Christina Wilson in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was one of six to be awarded a fellowship by the Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and the NYFA. Michael Wetzel has exhibited with Judy Ann Goldman Fine Art in Boston and Clementine Gallery in New York City.