Inka Essenhigh


After graduating from the School of the Visual Arts in New York (1993), Inka Essenhigh received unbelievable recognition for her graphically executed paintings. Heralded as a rising star of painting, Essenhigh pervaded as one of the most popular young artists, working with galleries such as Mary Boone Gallery (2000) and the Deitch Projects (1999). The glossy, well-designed colors and undulating figures in her early work have recently given way to intense scenes with subversive content. The graphic language of Essenhigh’s paintings allow for her complicated figures to be incorporated into a dramatic landscape, giving way for greater depth in the imagery. Recently, Essenhigh has exhibited with 303 Gallery in New York (2006), Sint-Lukas Galerie in Brussels (2004) and the Victoria Miro Gallery in London (2005). In 2007, Essenhigh will be featured in “The Triumph of Painting Part III” with the Saatchi Gallery in London and “Comic Abstraction” with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others.