Erick Swenson


The sculptures of Texan artist Erick Swenson often feature the vulnerability of animals in both nature and in the man-made world. Swenson skillfully creates these installations by casting each element in a polyurethane resin and then meticulously painting them. These surreal works are the result of the artist’s obsession with dioramas, stage sets, taxidermy and prosthetics. His sculptural tableaux have the ability to include the viewer in the stillness of a very privileged moment. Swenson has exhibited with Angstrom Gallery in Texas and the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. The artist has also shown internationally with Villa Stuck in Munich, Germany, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia. In 2004, the artist had a review in Art in America and a review in Artforum for his exhibition with the James Cohan Gallery in New York City.