Creator of the Space Monkey, artist Dalek has made a name for himself in both the street art and gallery worlds for his unique style and character invention. Little information is given about these graphic creatures that greet us with one eye open and mouths agape. The characters are expressed with black humor, often engaging in mischief, while occupying a flat abstracted ground composed on only one or two colors. Dalek is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Virginia Commonwealth University. The artist has created limited-edition toys for Kid Robot, and, in 2005, he exhibited “The Way That I Want You To Die” with the Jonathan Le Vine Gallery in New York City and “Blood Bath” with Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles. Dalek has been featured on the popular graffiti Web site Art Crimes and has appeared in numerous magazines, such as Mass Appeal and Juxtapoz.