February, 2007

Sabrina Raaf

The photography of Chicago-based artist Sabrina Raaf often depicts a certain absurdity of science. Images of machines that make art for the artist and automated systems and contraptions that are assembled from industrial materials, together with architectural elements, create installations that embody both the familiarity and stark distance of science fiction. Many works are based on a “what if” scenario, which allows the artist to[…..]

Cao Fei

A member of China’s new wave of influential artists, Cao Fei has developed an expansive young career featuring works in performance, photography, video, writing, and sound art among other projects. Taking in the mass influence of western culture in the east, the artist reflectively constructs images that offer insight into the current state of this optimistic country. The video still shown above is from a[…..]

Birgit Dieker

The inventive sculptures of German artist Birgit Dieker are centered on the body. Thematic considerations are equally placed on the inside and outside of the body and often rely on material to offer extended content. The artist regularly uses materials that commonly interact or make reference to the body, such as textiles, leather, rubber, human hair, life belts, bandages and body suits. Together, the concepts[…..]

Yehudit Sasportas

Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas creates large drawings and room-sized installations that investigate dreamlike, generic landscapes that are combined with dense, repetitive lines. The images reference intense spaces that are universally familiar, yet non-specific, creating a context that all viewers can recognize. The lines create a space that depicts modernism through a mathematic, systematic method that contrasts the organic qualities of the landscapes. After her graduation[…..]

Tauba Auerbach

The possibilities and pitfalls of language are of constant interest to artist Tauba Auerbach. Her text-based drawings and paintings investigate the origin of language as a system for information and the relationship between meaning and symbol. The question of how a symbol is chosen and what it reveals about the human brain is also of interest. The works are presented as technically rendered typography, singularly[…..]

Jane and Louise Wilson

Identical twins Jane and Louise Wilson investigate institutional architectural sites that were once centers of power but have now fallen to abandonment and ruin. These images are often projected as video onto multiple screens that act as independent walls and ceiling. The structure of these connected screens serves and echoes the images of the specific architectural sites projected. The collection of these devastating images conveys[…..]

John Isaacs

English-born artist John Isaacs explores contemporary experience though a variety of media. Each work embodies a dark and cynical sense of humor, mixed with the gothic and grotesque. Isaac’s sculpture, video, installation, photographs and paintings depict an odd spectacle that, in the artist’s words, are: “places we can get lost and the utopias we dream of. The wrong turns we take, directed by ego or[…..]