January, 2007

Margi Geerlinks

Ideas of asexual reproduction, sexual identity and youth are pervasive in the digital photographs of artist Margi Geerlinks. Humanity is examined in her work through the themes of birth and time. While all of her images are digitally manipulated, Geerlinks’ photos remain mostly unaltered, confronting the viewer with the realistically absurd. The Dutch artist lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is a graduate of[…..]

Maggie Cardelus

Using an ornamental language, artist Maggie Cardelus strives to engage her viewer in a hospitable world of pleasure, illusion, and distraction. The source of these works are often family snapshots which are transformed into sculptural installations.By using photos the artist underscores time, memory and privacy, while the fragility of the work references the temporal qualities of her subjects. Cardelus is a Spanish-American who graduated from[…..]

Darina Karpov

Artist Darina Karpov will open an exhibition titled “New Work” tonight at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. The drawings exhibited contain elements of both abstraction and figuration as forms take on multiple connotations. The organic compositions are comprised of images from art history and advertising and images archived from the artist’s life. These images are combined to create a mini-world of activity. Karpov was born[…..]

John Casey

The characters found in artist FPAC Gallery in Boston, Mass., and “New Works” with Boontling Gallery and OKOK Gallery in Seattle.

Chris Scarborough

Photographer Chris Scarborough creates hyper-real portraits of his family and friends. The artist alters the digital photos, leaving the subject exaggerated and the viewer asking whether the image is even real. Each subject is modeled from the principle of ideal beauty found in Manga and other Japanese animation. Scarborough alters each piece pixel by pixel, fabricating a reality that exists in between fact and fiction.[…..]

Raymond Taudin Chabot

For their first exhibition in 2008, 2×2 Projects in Amsterdam will present a new video by artist Raymond Taudin Chabot. The videos, like many of the artist’s other works, focus on men of power and the projection of stature through visual signs such as facial expressions and gestures. In the exhibited film “That Place,” Chabot depicts a man riding around an industrial estate, quietly disconnected[…..]

Yeondoo Jung

Using the framework of children’s drawings, Korean artist Yeondoo Jung has created a series of photos titled “Wonderland.” In this series, the artist takes a literal approach in translating information between actual children’s drawings and staged photographs. Space and distance are distorted as the artist’s photographs offer a mix of reality and fantasy in the interpretation of a child’s view of the world. Yeondoo Jung[…..]