January, 2007

Adriana Varejao

On Jan. 26, the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo will present new work by Adriana Varejao. Much of the Brazilian artist’s work investigates the rich and complex history of her country. While living and working in Rio de Janeiro, the artist uses images of tiles, tattoos and porcelain, all imported to Brazil, and additionally references the body and medicine to point to a[…..]

Caleb Weintraub

“Cloudy with a Chance of Apocalypse” is a new exhibition by painter Caleb Weintraub currently on display at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn. This exhibition is characteristic of Weintraub’s hyper-violent apocalyptic scenes where children rise together and take control. In these new works, the children venture into surreal landscapes to seek and kill any remaining adults, while parading around in plastic cartoon character masks.[…..]

Stephen Vitiello

Pioneer sound and new media artist Stephan Vitiello creates installations that use the physicality of sound to define a particular space. In 1995 Vitiello was an artist in residence in the World Trade Center, World Views. The artist connected contact microphones to the windows of his 91st story workspace and recorded ambient sounds from wind, traffic, planes and the building itself moving. Vitiello has completed[…..]

Antony Gormley

Internationally renowned British sculptor Antony Gormley is currently exhibiting his “Critical Mass” installation with the Museo d’Arte Donna Regina in Naples, Italy. In this work, the artist cast more than 60 figures in a variety of poses and then placed the casts in a large group on the gallery floor. Gormley’s work investigates the body and makes reference to internal and external space. The artist[…..]

Dave Cole

The Knitting Machine is just one of artist Dave Cole‘s large scale projects that consist of ambitiously knitting unconventional materials. In this particular piece Cole uses two excavation tractors equipped with 20′ knitting needles to assemble a giant American flag in time for the 4th of July (2005). This work was part of larger exhibition and artist residence held at Mass Moca, North Adams, Mass.[…..]

Hammer and Gogel

German artists Paule Hammer and Sebastian Gogel have been collaborating on large sculpture and spatial installations since 2005. These artists together form the group Hammer and Gogel and often present work as “Hagel.” The artists stand in contrast with most of the other young painters of the Leipzig Academy of Visual Art of which both are graduates (2002). The artists instead depart from painting on[…..]

Guerra de la Paz

Using unwanted garments as an unyielding source of material, the artist duo Guerra de la Paz creates a multitude of sculptures and installations. Guerra de la Paz is the collaborative efforts of Cuban artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz. The two artists met in 1996 and have since been creating work that references contemporary culture with the use of found objects. In recent[…..]