Os Gemeos


The artist duo “Os Gemeos” are identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Os Gemeos gained international notoriety from their ambitious campaign of visual characters in the city of Sao Paulo. Some of these characters are painted six stories high or more. In 1993, while only 19 years old, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (Os Gemeos) met with young American graffiti writer Barry McGee. The three artists collaborated on several projects and influenced each other immensely. Os Gemeos is now being featured in art and graffiti magazines worldwide, but the magazine 12oz Profit was the first to expose their work to the United States and abroad. In 2006, the artists exhibited “The fish that ate shooting stars” at Galeria Fortes Vilaca in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The year prior, the Os Gemeos exhibited “Cavaleriro Marginal” with the Deitch Projects in NYC and collaborated with Creative Time to present a mural on Coney Island.