Mary Coble


Photo, performance and video artist Mary Coble creates work that addresses the social issues associated with gay, lesbian and trans-gendered individuals. The images evoke physical pain that references the emotional strain many ambi-sexual individuals constantly endure. Her 2005 performance with Conner Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C., received strong opinions after the artist endured a 12-hour marathon of inkless tattooing, covering the back side of her entire body with the first names of more than 300 gender-based hate crime victims. Mary Coble graduated in 2004 from George Washington University and since then has had exhibitions and performances with Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, d.u.m.b.o. art center in Brooklyn, N.Y., and Artist’s Space in New York City through Performa’05. In 2007, Coble is scheduled to have a performance with the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York. View video of Mary Coble’s inkless tattoo performance “Note to Self” (2005) here.