Dave Cole


The Knitting Machine is just one of artist Dave Cole‘s large scale projects that consist of ambitiously knitting unconventional materials. In this particular piece Cole uses two excavation tractors equipped with 20′ knitting needles to assemble a giant American flag in time for the 4th of July (2005). This work was part of larger exhibition and artist residence held at Mass Moca, North Adams, Mass. Cole describes the work as “combining the feminized domestic American tradition of knitting with the grandiose gesture of construction”. Additional works by the artist include the knitting of a 15′ teddy bear made of fiberglass, and an evening gown made of shredded dollar bills. In 2007 Cole will exhibit with the West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, and with the Museum of Art and Design in NYC. Recent exhibitions include works at the Judi Rotenburg Gallery in Boston and the Woods-Gerry Gallery at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Providence, Rhode Island.