January, 2007

Todd Hido

Todd Hido recently released a new body of work named “Between the Two” with the Stephen Wirtz Gallery in San Francisco. Hido’s photographs range in subject matter but consistently rely on formal elements to create reduced narratives without solution. The images bring beauty and emotion into stark environments by integrating the figure into empty spaces. In 2004, Hido was featured in an article in Seesaw[…..]

Mary Coble

Photo, performance and video artist Mary Coble creates work that addresses the social issues associated with gay, lesbian and trans-gendered individuals. The images evoke physical pain that references the emotional strain many ambi-sexual individuals constantly endure. Her 2005 performance with Conner Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C., received strong opinions after the artist endured a 12-hour marathon of inkless tattooing, covering the back side of her[…..]

Adam Helms

Sister Gallery in Los Angeles opened a new exhibition this week by New York-based artist Adam Helms. Titled “Rising Down,” this exhibition is a continuation of the artist’s interest in photojournalism, conflict, political propaganda and extremist ideology. Helms will present two arrangements of hoods rendered in ink on mylar in a grid format, along with two large assemblages of source material that features war-related images.[…..]


Austrian-based artist group Gelitin is comprised of four artists — Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither and Tobias Urban. The artists are internationally known for their ambitious and absurd projects and performances. Pictured above is a giant 200-foot long and 20-foot high bunny sculpture, stuffed with hay in the hills of Artesina, Italy. The pink bunny was installed in 2005 and will remain in place,[…..]

Sook Jin Jo

Korean-born, New York-based artist Sook Jin Jo creates large sculptural installations that are simultaneously concerned with the history of sculpture and the concept of meditation. Using elements of balance, color, texture and space, the artist selects and displays found objects that reflect the history of a specific place. The sum of each collected object creates a unified whole, as each one is a pivotal support[…..]

Jonathan Marshall

Austin-based artist Jonathan Marshall creates large paintings and drawings that rely heavily on wit, working through color and design. These graphic images explore nature and the landscape through illustrative imagery, showing destruction through absurdity and humor. His success began shortly after his graduation from University of Texas at Austin (2003), and, in 2005 alone, Marshall received the best-in-show award for the Texas Biennial and a[…..]

Paola Cabal

Later this month, installation artist Paola Cabal will open a new intervention with Western Exhibitions in Chicago. Cabal’s work is created on-site, working from elements inherent to the space. She “intervenes” in subtle ways, usually playing with a particular source of light, capturing moments of the constantly changing world. Using materials as diverse as spray paint, powdered ash, thread and tape, she studies and marks[…..]