December, 2006

Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini works with a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, video, sound, installation and digital prints. Her major artworks often reflect issues such as bioethics, biotechnologies and the environment and have gained a huge international recognition after her participation in the 2003 Venice Biennale. Her sculpture often examines hybrids in technology and life; creating cross bred animals, humans and machinery. In October 2003,[…..]

Simon Henwood

English artist Simon Henwood has worked through a wide range of artistic media including painting, film, 3D animation, the production of two magazines, and a over a dozen children’s publications. Through this experimentation his work has remained centered on adolescent childhood. Henwood recently created a music video for musician and fine artist Devendra Banhart, and is developing a new animated TV series titled ‘Johnny Pumpkin‘.[…..]

Wei Dong

Chinese artist Wei Dong continues the tradition of the Chinese landscape through oil painting, but interrupts the conventional imagery by using women draped in sexuality in the foreground. This imagery is a metaphor for how “sex, violence, and popular culture dominate traditional morals.” After abandoning ink on paper as his primary medium, Wei Dong found oil painting to facilitate his imagery more clearly. Wei Dong[…..]

Roy McMakin

This month at James Harris Gallery in Seattle, artist Roy McMakin is exhibiting new photographs titled “Actual”. This is an appropriate title considering that each object in the exhibition has been photographed, sometimes over 100 times, and then digitally collaged together to offer a true to life scale and perspective. This show is an extension of a body of work that deals with the domestic[…..]

Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck had an early career as a model maker and puppeteer for children’s television and films, notably the film Labyrinth for which he also contributed the voice of Ludo. Now his sculptures play heavily with scale, continuing to reference his experience with set design. He became instantly popular after being picked up by collector Charles Saatchi and included in the Sensation show in New[…..]

Roxy Paine

Roxy Paine’s inventions range from elaborate contraptions to deceptively simple forms. Often employing technical proficiency, trompe l’oeil, and ambiguity, Paine investigates the nature of reality and artificiality. The artist was born in 1966 in New York, where he currently lives and works. He attended the Pratt Institute and recently had solo shows at James Cohan Gallery, New York; Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin; and Musee d’Art[…..]

Charlie White

Charlie White is a photographer who constructs images with complex sets and fabricated characters. White is part of the “post-photography” school of hyper constructed photos, where the viewer must ask if the scene is accurate or intentionally falsified. White graduated from the School of the Visual Art in NYC and the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. He began his career creating photography steeped[…..]