December, 2006

Bill Henson

Photographer Bill Henson often portrays young figures shrouded in an ambiguous nightscape. The landscapes are usually non-descript, but seem to reference the abandonment that exists outside of most urban areas. The figures found in Henson’s photos are equally ambiguous often consisting of androgynous adolescent girls. Henson is one of Australia’s most distinguished photographers and his career spans over three decades. In 2005 his career was[…..]

Ethan Murrow

New York based Ethan Murrow creates work in a variety of self informing media such as drawing, video, sculpture and performance. The artist recreates scenes where subjects engage in a variety of experimental scientific endeavors as they attempt to discover something about nature. These scenes are actually performed by the artist, videotaped and used as source material for future works, or sometimes as work themselves.[…..]

Doug Aitken

“Sleepwalkers” is the first U.S. large-scale public project by renowned video artist Doug Aitkin. Creative Time and The Museum of Modern Art have commissioned the artist to create a multi-screen video installation that will be projected on seven facades of the MoMA on 53rd and 54th Streets. This project will premiere on January 16, and will continue through February 12, each evening from 5pm to[…..]

Sue de Beer

Photographer, video and installation artist Sue de Beer creates work that references experiences related to high school and adolescents. de Beer’s work centers on haunting narratives that resonate with the tragic emotional state of a post-Columbine youth, often focusing on the engagement of first time activities such as sexual experience and drug use. The artist is a graduate of both Parsons School of Design (1995),[…..]

Folkert De Jong

Dutch Artist Folkert De Jong creates life size plus figurative sculptures out of styro and polyurethane foams. These sculptures possess a deviant mentality offering the viewer both humor and horror. De Jong’s narrative objects and scenes reference social boundaries and investigate elements of humanity in a modern world. The artist attended the Academy for Visual Arts and a two year residency Rijksacademy for Visual Arts,[…..]

Peter Shelton

“Godspipes” is a new exhibition of sculptural works created over the last decade by L.A. based artist Peter Shelton. The exhibition opened earlier this year at L.A. Louver and contained one hundred and eighty-eight vessel type forms that reference both the human body and simple mechanical structures. Shelton is a graduate of UCLA (1979), and throughout his career the artist has continued to allude to[…..]

Marilyn Minter

The seductive paintings and photographs of Marilyn Minter border both photorealism and abstraction. Her work pieces together commercial depictions of femininity which juxtapose glamour and nausea. The enamel on metal paintings and large format c-prints include references from many major movements both artistically and socially, like early Surrealist photography, post-Warhol pop, advertising and pornography. Minter currently has a solo show at Salon 94 in New[…..]