December, 2006

Zhu Ming

Zhu Ming is a performance and conceptual artist whose work is time based and usually involves physical extremities. Often performing inside of a custom made balloon, the artist will undergo certain actions that reference both his Chinese heritage and the futility of communication. In the 1990s Ming joined other artists to form Beijing East Village; this area was often considered the most experimental of the[…..]

Anthony Goicolea

Photographer, sculptor and video artist Anthony Goicolea acts as the main character in the fictitious settings of his work. In his early “Fairy Tales” series, the artist posed as 26 different characters each from a different fable. The artist states “I investigate social constructions of age and gender and I allude to taboos of gender role play, adult and childhood fantasies and conventional ideas of[…..]

Yoon Lee

Digital artist and painter Yoon Lee creates work that is a metaphor for the exponential growth of technology and information. The scale of these works are often 8 feet tall and 12 feet long and seem to reference the visual dynamism found in the modernist work of artist Jackson Pollock. The digital element employed allows the artist to achieve highly slick surfaces and a mechanical[…..]

Carol K. Brown

The figures that occupy Carol K. Brown‘s paintings appear in isolation, removed from the surrounding environment. These individuals are shown in an ordinary moment and multiplied throughout the pictorial space. Brown begins these works by photographing the subjects and using them as source material. The images are digitally manipulated and then recreated in paint. Often the works are then rescanned and presented in their final[…..]

Diana Al-Hadid

The sculptures and installations of artist Diana Al-Hadid are “propositions for an imaginary world.” These ambiguous works often reference the general themes of self, place, and history. As of recent the artist has drawn upon imagery from her birth city of Syria, recreating the Aleppo citadel, a 10th century fortress and eventual Muslim holy site. Her new sculptures combine the materials of fiberglass and polystyrene[…..]

Adam Cvijanovic

Painter Adam Cvijanovic renders nature with peak force. The suburban landscape at chaos in the absence of gravity and hyper real images of glaciers and frozen waterfalls are frequent subject matter. The artist also references Renaissance fresco painting updating the process with contemporary materials such as latex applied directly to Tyvek (home construction materials). These panels are then fixed directly to the wall and ceiling[…..]

Doze Green

This fall artist Doze Green presented a series of new paintings titled “Left Hand Path” at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NYC. Doze was a pioneer of Hip-hop growing up in Manhattan in the late 70’s along side the Rock Steady Crew and fellow artists Lady Pink, Daze, and Mr. Wiggles. He appeared in classic movies such as Style Wars and Wild Style, and has remained[…..]