December, 2006

Andrew Barton

Figurative artist Andrew Barton explores ideas of internal awareness and external action in the human form. Each sculpture offers a distinct visual difference for the male and female forms, expressing the fundamental balance of gender. Barton’s work also investigates the body as a fragment and the interaction of mechanical instruments for the purpose of bodily change. The artist studied at the National College of Art[…..]

Sandy Skoglund

“True Fiction Two” is a new photographic series by artist Sandy Skoglund. The original series” True Fiction” was created in 1986 but the edition was never officially finished due to discontinued photo chemicals needed for production. Now updated digitally the artist has created a new series, maintaining the emotion of her once elaborate room-sized installations depicting absurd domestic scenarios. Skoglund received her MFA from the[…..]

Richard Patterson

English painter Richard Patterson takes miniature toys and covers them with voluminous paint, photographs the object and then recreates it in oil on canvas. The artist largely focuses on formal issues in his work literally reducing representation and figuration by covering the figurines in globs of visceral paint. Patterson also draws a connection to art history by referencing color field painters of the modernist period.[…..]

Tom Sachs

For most kids the art of Tom Sachs is a dream come true. This New York based artist creates a multitude of sculptures and installations that include intensely worked scaled models, race tracks and even an room titled “Delinquency Chamber” complete with the video game “Grand Theft Auto”, a bong and a door with a lock to keep the “adults” out. The artist states “Part[…..]

Vibeke Jensen

Over the past decade digital media artist Vibeke Jensen has continued to investigate elements of urban spaces usually by creating an intervention between the art and the individuals who occupy a particular space. Before working in digital media, the artist studied and graduated from University of Trondheim, Norway with a Master of Architecture (1987) and Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (1992). With a key[…..]

Leslie Baum

Chicago based artist Leslie Baum is currently exhibiting new oil paintings and watercolors in a solo show titled “The Space Between”. This is the second solo exhibition for Baum with the Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago. Baum’s work references modernist artists like Helen Frankenthaler with thin oil washes while exploring ideas of the confinement of nature through zoos. The artist received her BA from[…..]

Fiona Foley

Hatred is the subject of investigation for Australian artist Fiona Foley. Through several bodies of work, Foley has diligently explored the idea of hate as it penetrates race through politics, science and culture. Through dark humor the artist has created a series of photos title “HHH (Hedonistic Honky Haters).” These faux anthropological photos have an obvious reference to the Klu Klux Klan, and this connection[…..]