Tavares Strachan

Tavares Strachan.jpg

Homostatic Feedback or Natural Body Water is the title of a new piece by Tavares Strachan. In this work the artist collected his own urine, which he then transformed into purified drinking water using a fabricated distillation system. The work will be on exhibit this month at Pierogi in Brooklyn along side three other major works. The Ronald Feldman Gallery has also sponsored projects by Strachen including the Artic Ice Project, where the artist actually cut a block of ice from a frozen river in the Artic and shipped it to the Bahamas where it was kept in a massive freezer powered by only solar energy. Strachan graduated this year from Yale School of Art, and while at school Strachan directed the excavation of a 3000 lb. portion, 56″ x 56″ of Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut. The work included sidewalk, earth, a parking meter, a street sign and accompanying air. This work was later exhibited at the Luggage Store Galley in San Francisco and was featured in article by Rhizome.