November, 2006

John Espinosa

John Espinosa is a Los Angeles based artist who creates taxidermy installations of animals with laser beams emitting from their eyes. Espinosa is a recent graduate in sculpture from Yale School of Art. He is featured on the artist collective site sevenseven, and was also a part of the successful University of Chicago group show All the Pretty Corpses. The artist has recently exhibited with[…..]

Tattfoo Tan

Tattfoo Tan is a NYC based art who creates painting, live drawing, and even baked bread sculptures as a way of exploring his roots as a Southeast Asian descendent. Tan, 30, is one of very few Malaysian artists in New York, and as of now the only one with his own public exhibition space, simply called the Tattfoo Temple Gallery located in the artist’s spacious[…..]

Miwa Koizumi

Japanese installation artist Miwa Koizumi creates conceptual work ranging from plastic bottles manipulated to resemble sea creatures, to food based art that test the boundaries of your senses. Koizumi studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and at Tama Art University, Tokyo. The artist has also exhibited widely in the US including non-profits like Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston SC, and like[…..]

Weston Teruya

Recent MFA graduate from California College of Art, Weston Teruya creates spatial environments that reference real locations in Los Angeles. Weston is currently featured with an interview on, and will be exhibiting next month in San Francisco with the Patricia Sweet Gallery.

Andrew Schoultz

Andrew Schoultz is a San Francisco based artists who creates large illustrative paintings, drawings, and installations that tell stories about everyday life in America. Schoultz has been influenced by both graffiti, and the effects of global control and capitalism on the world. The artist is part of a large movement especially prevalent in the west coast that is influenced by street art and illustration, and[…..]

Barnaby Furnas

The Red Sea is a new massive painting from artist Barnaby Furnas. Furnas is a graduate of Columbia University, and is currently exhibiting several large paintings at Marianne Boesky Gallery in NYC, the largest around 30 ft. in width. These paintings encompass abstraction and representation through images of war, suicide, and destruction. You can read more about his work in a recent article in the[…..]

Chen Wenguang

In his first solo exhibition in the U.S., Chinese painter Chen Wenguang presented four monumental paintings that were created using oxidized mineral pigments along with silver and gold leaf at the Dillon Gallery in NYC. The techniques employed by Chen date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China but are reintroduced through contemporary presentation. Chen’s work has been featured in several Chinese institutions, including[…..]