November, 2006

Luis Gispert

Luis Gispert produces evocative photographs, multimedia installations, and sound sculptures that highlight an investigation of “high culture” notions through hip hop references. Gispert is a graduate of Chicago Art Institute in film (1996), and from the Yale School of Art in sculpture (2001). The following year Gispert exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, and in 2003 the artist had a solo exhibition with the Whitney Museum.[…..]

Mathew Greene

This April, Peres Projects in L.A. will present Mathew Greene in the artist’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery since 2003. Green creates large drawings and paintings that contain images of pornography, horticulture, horror films, and overall debauchery in an apocalyptic post 9/11 aesthetic. Greene has seen much success recently with a feature in Artforum (January 2004), and in Vitamin D, a new survey of[…..]

Liza Lou

Best known for her ambitious sculptural installations like Kitchen and Backyard, Liz Lou creates work with luminous patterned surfaces that appear to be a type of painting, but are actually full size rooms completely covered in glass beading. Liza Lou’s work embraces the American visionary tradition simultaneously operating as conceptual and craft. In 2002 Lou had an exhibition titled Testimony at Deitch Projects, New York,[…..]

Gottfried Helnwein

Helnwein is a painter and conceptual artist, concerned primarily with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical issues, and political topics. As a result of this, his work is often considered provocative and controversial. His early work consists mainly of hyper-realistic watercolors, depicting wounded children, as well as performances, often with children, in public spaces. Most of his new work is oil and acrylic on canvas of[…..]

Damian Loeb

Photorealist painter Damian Loeb just closed an exhibition in his home state of Connecticut at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum this August. Loeb creates manipulated digital collages of contemporary sources and then renders the images in oil on linen. At an early age Loeb moved to NYC with his high school friend artist Moby, and in 1999 he had his first solo exhibition in NYC[…..]

Tavares Strachan

Homostatic Feedback or Natural Body Water is the title of a new piece by Tavares Strachan. In this work the artist collected his own urine, which he then transformed into purified drinking water using a fabricated distillation system. The work will be on exhibit this month at Pierogi in Brooklyn along side three other major works. The Ronald Feldman Gallery has also sponsored projects by[…..]

Berlinde De Bruyckere

Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere has been working with wool blankets that cover and protect — as the material for her sculptures and installations. Recently she has created a series of horses by covering casts of horse bodies with fabrics. Each figure is malformed and fragmentary, often lacking the fundamental elements of a muzzle, ears or hooves. Bruyckere has been featured with Saatchi Gallery, but[…..]