October, 2006

Nicholas Di Genova

Death From Below is the title of a new show by Toronto based artist Nicholas Di Genova. Fredericks & Freiser in NYC will be exhibiting 23 new ink paintings on mylar through Oct. 14th. The artist creates hybrid creatures that seem to rely heavily on a language of graphics and graffiti. Nicholas Di Genova graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and you[…..]

Talia Greene

Philadelphia based artist Talia Greene creates work that investigates elements of nature. She often uses imagery that references both the human body and insects through drawing, digital prints, and installations. Greene has recently exhibited at the Redux Contemporary Art Center, International Print Center New York, and will be featured next year at the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona Beach, FL.

Scott Fife

Scott Fife is a Seattle-based artist who is currently creating larger-than-life-sized busts of current social figures out of cut-and-painted cardboard. Recent busts include Kurt Cobain, Lily St. Cyr, Che Guevara, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe and Geronimo. These works are currently on view at the Chicago gallery Body Builder and Sportsman. Accompanying the sculptures are large ink wash drawings of each figure on[…..]

Kent Hendrickson

Kent Henricksen alters patterned fabrics by embroidering them with hooded figures that seem to reference images of terrorists or the KKK. The figures in his work engage in deviant acts of behavior as they occupy the pre-existing patterns surrounding them. Henricksen is currently represented by John Connelly Presents in NYC, and you can read more about his work in the recent issue of Beautiful Decay.

Dave Cooper

Dave Cooper is a cartoonist/illustrator turned fine artist. He recently had some of his images on Futurama and released two graphic novels Ripple, Crumple, and Suckle. He also created a line of deluxe toys with the firm Critterbox Toys.


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